Marija Ćalić

Stern Berg

Selected premiere works belong to a photo cycle 'Stern-Berg' / 'Zvezdara' (in Serbian) or 'Star-Mountain' (in English). This title - in German - is a relic of diverse meanings. Beside a loose reference to a famous T. Mann's novel 'Zauberberg (The Magic Mountain), it elevates reflections to an individual wandering through the depths of experience. 'Stern-Berg' is a particular paraphrase of the Belgrade's location - Astronomic observatory comprised in the mid 1920's. All facilities of the observatory were the products of German war reparations to Serbia's and South Slavic Capital City after World War I.
The place itself led to a photographic discovery and a lavish symbolic survey. Derelict workshops and interiors for measuring are a starting level for a photographic visual stir of presentation. In such depictions, archaeology of Modernism and the layers of memory are challenged.
Photographs feature the temporalities of the same period: sequences of Fritz Lang's German film 'Woman in The Moon (Frau im Mond, 1929)'. By editing diverse sceneries and merging visible and non-visible, the outcome is a new spatial realm. It deepens profound and elusive nature of visual media with historical memories and uncertainties.