Marija Ćalić

The Spell of Past

The transience of 21st century holds difficult prospects. Such viewpoints belong both to the notion of our existence and to the phenomena of our memory. From its very invention, Photography becomes a gradually prevailing visual medium, constantly encapsulating the shapes of material world. In its unselected omnipresent, it brings out the changing aspects of remembering. Throughout the depths of cultural heritage there are diverse points of events and places. Obscure senses of void and sudden impact of ephemerals of fate are crucial to the humanity's traits and historic pathways. Photographs in the cycle "The Spell of Past" hold an elusive status. Their composition is quite often suggested in a series of triptych units. What can be bred inside such disposition? Indirect transmitters of signs and meanings, a visual punctum and a halted cinematic sequence. Merging in front of aperture, diversity of locations and seasons list the material grounds and atmosphere: Serbia's province of Vojvodina, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Austrian Alps, and even sacred places like Masada in Israel. Revealing of such deserted sites, vegetative life and ruins is emphasized through the human absence, recalling the almost religious wonder. This encounters the superstitious gratitude such as 'ex voto'. The intimate will of belief recalls a description of healing, of salvation and overcoming the disaster. Is there a possibility of enriching such idiom in photography? Contemporary turnings of a single human faith and trust capture the disgrace of displacement and remaining effects of horrid violence. The cycle as an opened personal project has been conceived in the Residence at Villa Waldberta of Munich Kulturreferat in 2010. It's goals reach the importance of Remembrance, creating a cultural memory field. European consciousness inhabits such zone that radiates a turmoil of nature and history. Mediating the inner layers of experience, these photographs are an offering to the soul and the mind.